Frank, Joe and their crew just completed restructuring my driveway to improve the drainage and paved it so that it can be plowed in the winter. I could not have been happier with the work and the results. Two of our neighbors told us that if we wanted the job done right, that Mancini- Ferrara were the guys to do it. They have the equipment and are extremely skilled at operating it. The crew was efficient, polite, didn’t waste time and paid attention to detail.

Now we are looking forward to a winter without an ice build-up and no stones to rake in the spring!
Thanks guys.

– Brian Sexton

I am pleased to write about Mancini-Ferrara & Sons, Inc., a highly respected site contractor firm in Ithaca, NY. The firm is known for their quality and professional work.


I worked with Frank Ferrara twice in the past few years when we had a site emergency due to heavy rains which washed out a common road to the property.  Frank responded immediately and provided temporary measures to facilitate travel.  Frank then came up with a permanent solution to repair the culvert, head walls and the driveway.  Everyone on the field was professional and courteous.  A high quality of work was done on time and within budget.

I have also worked with Frank on smaller site work on my property which included proper drainage and pavement.

– Jagat P. Sharma

We have used Mancini-Ferrara and Sons for our driveway work for years, and have always been extremely satisfied. Never, however, did we present them with such a challenge as when our long and steep driveway was completely destroyed as a result of the torrential downpour Ithaca experienced in August, 2013. A pipe that ran under the driveway clogged up, causing massive buckling and large gaping holes in the driveway. We could barely walk on the driveway safely, let alone drive on it. Mancini-Ferrara and Sons worked diligently over several weeks to fix the damage and install new structures to prevent any future re-occurrence. In addition to leveling and repaving the driveway, they installed a new pipe, built a retaining wall, regraded the slope next to the driveway, and shored up surrounding areas with rocks to slow down any running water.


When they couldn’t put the retaining wall underground as planned because they hit rock, they came up with the creative solution of building it above ground but hiding it with rocks that blend in nicely with the surrounding area. During all of this work, they took great care to make the driveway safely passable for us each day by foot, building temporary bridges with safety rails. In addition to the work required to address the structural damage, at our request they also placed large Seneca stones as a barrier at the edge of the driveway, and built a wall out of stones at the end of our turnaround area. They personally selected each stone at the quarry, and couldn’t have selected more beautiful and appropriately shaped ones. Not only is their work of superb quality, but the crew is very easy and enjoyable to work with. They clearly take great pride in the work they do, as well they should.

 – Sue H. and Jim S.